The Goshawk shows up to let you know now is the best time for you to take lead, instead of waiting for someone to do what you were meant to do on this planet. You are always meant to take the lead in your life because without you being the main character in your life, someone else is going to take over.

This is a time where you will be able to feel the presence of spirit more powerfully and learn how to communicate with spirit in a number of different ways. For those of you that would like to heighten this ability, it would be in your best interest to meditate with the Goshawk! The Goshawk will be able to help you understand where you are blocking yourself intuitively and help you release it!

Even if you experience any twists and unexpected turns while the Goshawk is with you, remind yourself to keep your focus strong. From my own experiences and others, it is our darkest moments that we learn the most. Now I am not telling you to search for those darkest moments, but you need to keep you head high and know that the universe has a plan for you, that whatever you are going through you will come out stronger and wiser if you choose so.

Right now would be the best time for you to create a vision board, as the Goshawk energy will enhance anything you can visualize and help you manifest it. We all know how powerful a vision board can be! Once you create your vision board there will be a few things that you want to do on the daily to enhance the powers of your vision board.

Having an agenda is great to keep you focused on your goals, but just remember that you need to stay in the present moment by being flexible and graceful. The Universe works in strange ways such as it can bring forth a complication in your life so you need to head into a new direction. This new direction will bring forth everything and more that you need at this moment.