Great Horned Owl Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Great Horned Owl appears, take this guidance:

Respect is given to the Great Horned Owl easily just because of the energy it holds around it. For those of you that are looking to have greater respect in the field, you are working in. It would be in your best interest to meditate with the Great Horned Owl and ask what needs to shift inside of you to respect yourself more.

The Great Horned Owl will help you with whatever goal you have given yourself this week by helping you feel fearless and ecstatic with intense energy to push you to complete it.

During this week, whenever someone is talking to you, pay close attention to what their body language and vocal tones, pitches, and volume are telling you. This will serve you on a higher level than just paying attention to what they are telling you.

Once you have chosen the main goal you want to focus on this week, make sure to stay persistent and focused on it until it is completed. For those that feel like you are starting to become unmotivated to complete your goal, ask for the Great Horned Owl to step in and help you push through.

While the Great Horned Owl is with you this week, ask for it to teach you how to lean into your fears. Any fears that show up this week, see how you can have the courage to push through and ask the Great Horned Owl what the best way for you to lean into that fear. This will serve you greater than you trying to step around whatever fear has appeared.

Great Horned Owl Animal Spirit Guide Meaning