The Groundhog shows up for you to let you know you will soon begin investigating a new area of study! You will have to commit and put the effort into this area to receive the benefits. It will be worth it in the end. The Groundhog wants to work with you on this new area of study. You may want to meditate with the Groundhog and see what large goal you want to accomplish this quarter that will give you maximum benefits.

Throughout the time the Groundhog is with you, pay attention to any dreams that you recall the next day! These are going to give you clues that you will need to figure out. Set the intention that each dream that you remember will give you guidance in an area of your business that you need help with right now!
Do not be surprised that this week you will feel like you are going through a cycle of death and rebirth! The Groundhog is helping you go through an initiation where you will have a new sense of self. It is important to set the intention of what new sense of self you want to be expressing after the week comes to an end for the greater good of your business!
Meditate with the Groundhog this week to see how entering different states of your consciousness can help you manifest more intensely and strongly. This week's theme is all about setting up the proper intentions while working with the Groundhog! The Groundhog is very powerful and wants to help you receive the and better result with your business!
Of course, when you are setting intentions throughout the week it is just as important to communicate your boundaries and limits to those in your community and the Universe! The more clear and straightforward you are the better. This will help those who want to work with you to understand how you can serve them!