Hippopotamus Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Hippopotamus appears, take this guidance:

The Hippopotamus reminds you to listen to your intuition right now. Listen to it carefully and see what is coming up for you. What things are you hearing that are surprising you? Once you know what your intuition is telling you, it is very important for you to follow through with appropriate action that will keep you aligning to your divine life path. The Hippopotamus also wants you to keep yourself grounded during this time while you are listening to your intuition and taking appropriate action with the guidance you received. 

The Hippopotamus shows up for you to give you the gentle push to stay on your path, no matter what distractions pop up! Stay true to yourself and you will be rewarded. We are very cute as humans and will call distractions towards us consciously and/or subconsciously for many different reasons. Do your best to increase your awareness around this matter so you can stay focused on taking appropriate action from the guidance of your intuition. When you notice these distractions, give yourself permission to align with your divine life path once again and remove those distractions from yourself. 

Whatever creative project/goal you have been humming and awehing over, it is time to start it and continue working on it until you have completed it. This links to the points above that we are really good at calling in distractions to help us not complete certain projects and goals that we have set out for ourselves. Now is the time to have a serious heart to heart with yourself and see if you truly are ready, willing, able, and committed to completing this creative project/goal you have set for yourself. Another reason you could be preventing yourself from completing this creative project/goal is because you are worried about how others will judge your creative project/goal. The Hippopotamus wants you to release any and all attachments to how others will view your creations, while still being protective over them.

Pay attention to your skin, as it may be more sensitive than normal. Moisturize your skin with lotion when necessary and apply sunscreen when you are out in the sunlight! You may even want to look into vitamins that will help you with your skin. Now is the time to make sure your skin is being taken care of. Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? It helps keep your body healthy, so if you are noticing anything odd with your skin now is the time to make your skin a priority in your self care routine!

Hippopotamus Animal Spirit Guide Meaning