If the Hyena appears, take this guidance:

When working towards any goal, it is important to remember to ask for support and help from friends and family. The Hyena wants you to use your pack just the way they use their pack for the strength and support they need to thrive. This is a great time to remind you that if you were meant to do everything by yourself, you would be the only thing on this planet. Nothing else would exist, like other humans, animals, plants, water, etc. Know that you are meant to ask for support from your friends and family when you need it because the only way a Hyena pack thrives is by working together.

If you have any children, make a priority to spend some one on one time with them. When you are spending this time with you, you can invite the Hyena to be with you to enhance this magical time with them!

Always know that the Universe has your back and will never deliver more than you can handle. With that in mind, know you are stronger and more capable to handle more. The Hyena wants you to know the untapped strength and potential that you have inside of you. Only you can choose to tap into that and while the Hyena is with you, it would be in your best interest to work with these energies to amp up your strength and potential into the present moment. Always know that the Universe has always provided for you and you are still here standing and kicking! So there is no need to fear that you will not be able to handle anything the Universe throws at you!

Since Hyenas are known for their unique vocal abilities, take note that this will enhance your vocal abilities, so be extra aware of what you are saying, words you are using, and how you are expressing them. This could be a better time to be asking questions to your community instead of sharing wisdom, unless you receive a huge hit to share some of your wisdom. You will want to meditate with the Hyena and see the best way for you to communicate while the Hyena is with you and set proper intentions of how your community is going to respond to you.

During this time, it is crucial for you to listen and pay attention to what you intuition is telling because the Hyena will enhance your insight and judgement, just by being in your energy. This is something that all of us know but can be such a simple thing to forget and the Hyena does not want you to forget this. So you can take some time meditating with the Hyena and create an image, sound, feeling, etc that will remind you to listen to your intuition. The best way to listen and pay more attention to your intuition is to be aware of it and by doing this exercise with the Hyena will help increase that awareness. Once that awareness is there it will be easier for you to hear and act on what your intuition is telling you.

One of the interesting vocal abilities of the hyena is their ‘laugh’, so make sure to bring joy into your life and have a good laugh as well! This could be as simple as hanging out with a friend or a few of them that always make your belly hurt after hanging out with them or going to watch a live comedy or a comedy on Netflix. You know yourself best, which means you know what is going to make you laugh the most. Give yourself permission to do this. The more fun your bring into your life and the more you focus on this fun, the more the Universe knows to bring even more fun into your life!