Ibis Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Ibis appears, take this guidance:

When Ibis enters your life, set a daily alarm to remind yourself to breathe this thought into every cell of your being, ‘everything is sacred’ for a few breathes and then observe what is happening around you. The Ibis wants to help you see that you create your world around you. When you understand this you are the creator of your world and take full responsibility for it, then you can start making aligned changes to your thoughts and actions to really create the world you want! You are a true manifestor and can create anything you desire, when you work with the Universe.

The Ibis wants you to listen to your heart's wisdom, trust it and follow it. There are so many times when people follow their logical mind without even talking to their heart’s wisdom. The Ibis wants you to start creating a deeper bond between your mind and your heart. This will allow you to the Universe’s divine plan for you and experience the life that you were always meant to. Just be aware that you will have to surrender to the Universe’s plan and let go of your ego’s plan. You can do this by meditating with the Ibis with this intention in mind.

With the Ibis showing up in your life, you will soon be learning some sacred ancient healing techniques. Accompanied by the wisdom that goes along with it. This is a very exciting time for you and know this ancient healing techniques may come from within or outside of you. The Ibis may show you courses that hold this sacred ancient healing techniques, so you can learn and start applying them in your life! This will also help you with the other points above!

Magic and miracles appear when the Ibis appears. Make sure to be keeping your eyes, ears, and heart open to notice and receive these miracles around you. You will have to believe and know that miracles happen everyday and that means it can happen to you. The Ibis can teach you how to attract this miracles in your life. Just make sure this miracles you are wanting to attract to yourself are with the Universe’s divine path for you instead of your ego. You also will have to see what different thoughts and actions you need to take to create and attract these miracles around you.

It is time for you to go out of your comfort zone and invest in very deep and profound healing. So you can make shifts in your life to step into your divine life path. This could look like you investing in a coaching package with a spiritual leader you are attracted to or investing in a program that will allow you to receive deep and profound healing! The Ibis wants you to know that the best gift you can give to yourself and others is to heal yourself. The more you heal yourself the more you can shine your light brighter without apologizes, meaning that you are showing the world they can heal as well! This is the best gift if you ask me!

For those of you that are needing protection and guidance, you may call on the Egyptian God Thoth or Goddess Isis.

Ibis Animal Spirit Guide Meaning