Jackal Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Jackal appears, take this guidance:

Any journeys you take physically, mentally, or spiritually, know the Jackal is there to protect you and guide you along the way. Just ask for the Jackal to show up for you during this time. It would best serve you to set crystal clear intentions of how you want to Jackal to protect and guide you now. You may be surprised of who, where, what you are guided to work with! This is a super exciting time for you and it is best to follow the Jackals guidance knowing that there is no wrong decision only right ones. Remember you would never receive a divine download that wasn’t meant for you. No matter where you are or what you are doing, remind yourself that you are always protected.

The Universe is giving you an opportunity that you will want to act upon in the next few days. Be open to receiving it. It would best serve you to meditate with the Jackal right now to receive more clarity on what this opportunity will be. Also, if you have issues with receiving things the Jackal wants you to start with smaller things so you don’t stretch yourself too far and then snap back! You could start by just meditating with the Jackal and asking some simple questions to be answered and you can also ask a friend or partner to give you a quick little massage to start up those receiving muscles! This is have a huge impact on your receiving muscles.

For those of you that feel a strong connection with the Jackal will want to look into a past life connection to ancient Egypt. This could open something inside of you which will help you receive deeper guidance and understand why certain events have happened in your life.

Be alert to any intuition hits you receive about any danger or situations that you should avoid. Your gut knows best and it is best to follow that. Even if an opportunity appears in front of you that looks like rainbows and butterflies, if your gut is telling you something else it is best to follow that instinct. Also when you do this, the Universe can give you an even better opportunity that will serve your highest good and purpose! Don’t be afraid to say no to opportunities that don’t feel in alignment. When you catch yourself saying yes to everything, know you are in a scarcity mindset and this is more damaging to you than you may believe. 

Jackal Animal Spirit Guide Meaning