Jellyfish Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Jellyfish appears, take this guidance:

While the Jellyfish is with you, it wants to remind you that the Universe will supply you everything that you need in this lifetime. So keep your faith strong! There is a huge difference between hoping that things will work out in your life and having faith that things will work out in your life. Hope is the same frequency as wishing, whereas faith is the same frequency has believing. When you choose to have faith and believe that the Universe has your back and that you will have everything you need, it gives you motivation to take bold action in your life to manifest your wildest dreams.

The Jellyfish wants to teach you how to go with the flow of the Universe’s current, not against it. Each day the Jellyfish is with you, see where you can go with the flow at least once a day and see how that impacts your life. It would be best for you to keep a journal around this matter so you can record the insight that comes forward while experimenting what it is like to go with the flow of things. When you increase your awareness around finding opportunities that allow you to go with the flow of the Universe, the more you will see and the easier it will become for you to go with the Universe’s current! It would best serve you and your highest good and purpose to start this exercise now! Make sure you are drinking more than enough water each day while the Jellyfish is with you. This will help you keep in flow with the Universe as well. You can even bless and love your water before drinking it, which will bring those energies into your body. 

When you work in the spirit realm with the Jellyfish, make sure to be cautious and see if there are any boundaries that need to be strengthened and changed to protect you and serve your highest good and purpose. You may want to explore what the Jellyfish has to offer you to work in the spirit realm. By seeing what boundaries need to be strengthened, you will see how it has a domino effect on the other boundaries in your life. This will be a beneficial time no matter what for you.  

With the Jellyfish, set aside some time to clean up your work and home space. When you are cleaning these areas set the intention that you are making it more efficient and effective for you. When you clean up your work and home space it is crazy the kind of impact it can have on your life especially when you set your intentions to bring more efficient and effective energies in these spaces. You may even want to see what is no longer serving you in these spaces and either donate it, recycle it, or throw it away properly so it can serve someone else. This will create even more space for you intentions to ground into!

Jellyfish Animal Spirit Guide