Kinkajou Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Kinkajou appears, take this guidance:

During this time, increase your awareness around how you react to others if someone criticizes you, what they say about you, how they react to you, says something you do not agree with, etc.

Make some time this week to do a walking meditation through a forested area. A place you know you will not be interrupted lots, so you can feel safe stopping once in a while to take in all the smells, sights, and sounds.

You can ask the Kinkajou to help align and attune you to the Earth’s vibrations and changes. Once you are, you will be able to feel changes before they happen which allows you to understand if these changes mean.

The Universe will be giving you an opportunity to leap soon, and it is your responsibility to take advantage of this opportunity and trust yourself that you will be able to land on both feet in a better place.

The Kinkajou invites you to only eat whole organic grains, fruits, and vegetables for the next few days to see how it affects you spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Kinkajou Animal Spirit Guide Meaning