Lemur Animal Spirit Guide

If the Lemur appears, take this guidance:

While the Lemur is with you, your clairvoyance will increase to such a level that you may be able to see your spirit guides more clearly!

This week, make the time to go into a wooded area and search for a tree you can sit under and lean against. Once you have meditated with the Lemur and allow any messages you need to hear right now to step forward.

Use essential oils or incense every day of the week. Journal to see how they affect you every day.

Do some research about organizations whose mission is halting deforestation and contributing to reforestation and then donate your time, energy, or money.

For those of you that feel very connected to the Lemur, you may want to meditate and see if you have any past-life links and connections to Africa, especially Madagascar.

Lemur Animal Spirit Guide Meaning