Meadowlark Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Meadowlark appears, take this guidance:

When a Meadowlark shows up physically or spiritually, trust the Universe is going to give you some good news or a great surprise very soon! This is a great time for you to keep your awareness high around all the opportunities that surround you on the daily. As there is one that is going to shine brighter than the rest. The Meadowlark wants you to choose this one as it will bring you lots of abundance in the best possible way! You can also look within to see what beliefs you have around receiving. When you believe that you can not receive because of x, y, and z, you will find it nearly impossible for you to receive something amazing from the Universe. This is a great time for you to work with the Meadowlark and see where you can strengthen your receiving muscles.

While the Meadowlark is with you, remind yourself to sing every song that sings to your heart as loudly and passionately as you can. The Meadowlark can be showing up for you as well to remind you to reconnect with any passions that you have forgotten about/have not given any time recently. Give yourself permission to be as passionate as you want about your passions and the things that make you want to sing out loud without any apologizes. If you read this and wanted to contract within, this is a great opportunity to acknowledge the fact that you need to work with the Meadowlark to get past your limiting belief systems about expressing your passions so you can shine your beautiful light out into the world!

Whatever goal, task, or project that you have been working on, just know that it is almost complete and you must continue forward. If you are consumed with thoughts like what it will mean when you finish this goal, task, or project it would best serve you to meditate with the Meadowlark to release those thoughts and understand to be excited about completely something rather than making it more than it really is. Linking to the point above, you may simply have to reconnect with your passions to complete this goal, task, or project.

The Meadowlark invites you to go on an inward journey. It is important that you do this with a happy and enthusiastic energy. You may want to mediate with the Meadowlark to see how you should be taking this inward journey. For example, a meditation, a walk through nature, a spiritual retreat, hiring a soul coach, etc. It will look different for everyone and it could be something completely different that is not within the list provided. Follow your gut and do what is needed for you to have this wonderful inward journey! This inward journey most likely will be linked with one or more of the points above.

Meadowlark Animal Spirit Guide Meaning