Meerkat Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Meerkat appears, take this guidance:

The Meerkat urges you to do some digging to get to the solution or answers that you have been seeking. You may need to bring in some help to retrieve the solutions and answers. To know if you do, meditate with the Meerkat. There are times when you will be too attached to the outcome/how something is supposed to look like, sound like, be like, and you will find it nearly impossible to receive the answers by yourself. This is where you will want to gift yourself a session with someone who is an expert in that area you are struggling in, so you can move onto the next phase of your life with love, grace, and ease.

While the Meerkat is with you, it is important to go to a place where you can watch the sun rise and greet it with love! You may want to journal about what thoughts, memories, emotions, etc, come up when you are in this sacred time with the sun. To make this an even more sacred moment, you can meditate with the Meerkat when you are greeting the sun. Questions you may want to ask the Meerkat are, “Where am I holding back the sun in my own life?”, “What new sun is wanting to rise in my life?”, “What new things are wanting to see the sun today?”, “What needs to come out of the darkness and into the light?” As you can see there are many different questions you can ask while meditating with the Meerkat and greeting the sun. You may also want to set the intention that you are soaking in all the healing energies from the sun during that time.

Now is a great time for you to seek companionship and support from your family, friends, and spiritual team! Remember right now, the Meerkat is apart of your spiritual team. Start to look and see where you can delegate tasks to those around you and you may have to pay them. This helps you stay in your zone of genius and stay true to your soul’s purpose. The Meerkat wants you to know that you are not alone in the world and if you feel that separation from others, it is time to start healing that limiting belief system! You may need to hire a coach or mentor to get past this.

The Meerkat wants to remind you that those that love you and care about you are always looking out for you and wanting the best for you! This is a great time to see where you can bring in more of your soul tribe into your life to have more support and love in your life. Also, this is a time you will want to look at those in your life that are not giving you the love you deserve, do not care about your wellbeing, do not always look out for you, and are not wanting the best for you. It is time to remove those rotten fruit from your basket and time to bring in the golden apples into your life!

With whatever goal you are currently working on right now, it is best to keep this to yourself. You will want to continue to be clear about what results you desire and make sure your thoughts and actions are aligning to those results. You may bring on a few people onto your team to complete this goal and delegate tasks that are frustrating to you. Throughout this goal and project the Meerkat will be with you to help you stay on course and keep motivated. So whenever you are finding yourself in the dumps or not on course, meditate with the Meerkat to see what you need to change up in your daily routine to bring forth motivation and results!

Meerkat Animal Spirit Guide Meaning