Mountain Goat Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Mountain Goat appears, take this guidance:

Whenever you find yourself needing insight regarding any of your relationships, trust your intuition before you listen to your logical mind. Remember that your ego lives in your logical mind and it always wants to prove itself right. No matter what. Even if it is wrong. Of course you can always meditate with the Mountain Goat to receive more advice and insight. You can go further and hire a relationship coach as well.

Take a moment to meditate with the Mountain Goat to see where you are butting your head up against the wall. This could be a person, project, goal, etc! See where and how you can make changes to receive what you truly want. The answer you want is usually right underneath your nose but since you are so close to it, you can not see it! This is where hiring a soul coach can help you with this as well because they will be able to see it with no attachment to the issue. 

Now is the time to ask for support from the Universe and others around you, even if it means you are showing your vulnerable side. You need to open up to the Universe providing for you so it can! This is a very important time to see how well your receiving muscles are because if they are under developed, it will seem like even if you are asking you are not receiving what you want aka the Universe is not providing for you. When in fact it is because there is a misalignment in your story to receive. What does it make you out to be when you receive? Weak? Unstable? Insecure? Unsure?

When the Mountain Goat shows up, it wants you to keep moving forward on the goal you have set out in front of you! The Mountain Goat wants you to trust in your abilities to complete it and that you can get over any obstacles that are in your way as they are there to teach you a lesson. Always know that if you slip during this journey you will always land on your feet and can keep moving forward again. There is no such thing as failure, and since there is not such thing as failure what would your next move be?

It is a very important time for you to become one with Nature right now. Spend as much time as you can outdoors! Never know if you walk in Mountain Goats natural territory you may receive a visitor or two! How exciting would that be!? Nature will help ground you into the present time and in your body. You can not receive from the Universe if you are not grounded in the present moment and in your body. If you are finding yourself always ungrounded, it would be in your utmost interest to hire a soul coach to work through this! 

While the Mountain Goat is with you it also means that your libido is very strong and it is in your best interest to express it in a creative and harmless way(s).

Mountain Goat Animal Spirit Guide Meaning