Musk Ox Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Musk Ox appears, take this guidance:

While the Musk Ox is with you, he will lend you his endurance and strength to show you that you can get through any rough emotional or physical times. The Musk Ox wants to remind you that everyone goes through these rough emotional/physical times and to keep your monkey mind in line so you are not making yourself wrong for feeling this way! Make sure you are keeping your daily mindset strong during this period!

Linking to the point above, the Musk Ox will help you unlock the courage and vitality inside of you so you can learn to use these energies whenever you request. When you are aligning to your soul’s purpose, it can be very easy to allow your monkey mind in and start playing games with you. When this happens, ask for the Musk Ox to step forward to aid you.

For those of you that have children in your life, the Musk Ox will ask for you to give them more guidance this week. See what their needs are and act upon them. They could be giving you clues to where you need to allow in support and guidance around an issue with your soul’s purpose.

Any challenges that appear the Musk Ox will show you how to look it in the eyes with confidence and endurance. This links to the first point! Stay strong! You got this!

Right now could be a little demanding on your energies, and that is where the Musk Ox will remind you to ask for the comfort, support, and love from your loved ones. It is very important for you to keep ALL of your tea cups full so you can have a sturdy foundation.

Musk Ox Animal Spirit Guide