Octopus Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Octopus appears, take this guidance:

It is the best time for you to figure out a way to work with those who are transitioning into the spirit world. This could be apart of your soul’s purpose for you to be a contribution to the world. Be open to it, as you may be guided to start up this practice in an unique way that you are meant to teach as well. Or perhaps it is time for you to strengthen this natural gift you have. 

If you have been thinking of yoga classes the octopus is here to tell you to get to it! The octopus is a very flexible animal and intelligent and the best way to adopt the Octopus’s Medicine is to start practicing yoga as it helps your flexibility in your body and will increase brain function by taking away stress and anxiety. While you are at a yoga class you can think of and ask for the Octopus’s energies to be present during your class so you can experience deeper flexibility and brain function during and after the class. You can journal about the changes you are experiencing in and outside of the class.  

You may want to look into getting a thorough physical done, with someone who practices integrative medicine. Once you get this done pay attention to your heart and your lungs. It is important to keep your health in tip top shape as it is the vessel that cares for you soul’s stay. Going deeper, your body is truly your soul’s home and it best to think of it this way, so you can become more aware of what you are putting in your body and what vibrations you are surrounding your body that can be harmful or good. It is up to you to take this action into your own hands and only surround yourself with people that support your highest good as you do for them, and to look into giving your body healthier meals, which will help increase your frequency to source. And if you do increase your frequency to source you will notice your natural abilities, gifts and talents are heightened as well.

You will soon find your gifts will become more sensitive and your abilities will increase. So increase your awareness around this, so it can be more of a graceful awakening. You can also set the intention, “While my gifts become more sensitive and my abilities increase, I ask for it to be done with love, grace and ease.” By stating this every morning, it will smooth the process out for you. You are always capable of handling anything that comes your way, because the Universe always want to support you completely. If this is too much for you, you can always set a different intention, such as, “I ask for the Universe to decrease the intensity of my gifts, until I ask for it to be increased.”

Use your intentions to get whatever it is you are seeking, and keep it a secret and guard what you are pursuing. Remember whatever you are seeking, is seeking you. With that in mind it will increase the speed of what you want to receive show up. While setting your intentions it is best to say it out loud each morning. After you say it out loud, take a deep breathe so you can ground it into your body. Also if you wanted to enhance the intention even further, you can say it three times. After you have breathed each intention in three times, at the very end you can say, “And so it is!” to boost your intention even more. It is also good to know, that if you do not take action with your intention you will not receive what you are asking for! Ask for the Octopus to guide you to take the most divine action so you can receive the aligned result you are asking for.

Octopus Animal Spirit Guide Meaning