Orangutan Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Orangutan appears, take this guidance:

Whatever goal you want to accomplish, the Orangutan wants you to put your best face on in order to get the job done. This will also help you keep happy and motivated. The more you complete things, an energy gets created around you which helps you keep moving forward to complete more and more goals! The Orangutan wants you to know it is best for you to start with smaller goals especially in your business. This way you can create the energy of completion around you easier which will help you complete larger goals you have set out for yourself!

The Orangutan wants you to pay closer attention to what you see, instead of what you hear from others. Look at peoples faces and see the kind of expressions they have. You can meditate with the Orangutan to help you understand the facial expressions you have been seeing. Of course, you can also go by a book about body language so you can understand deeper. This can help you succeed more in your business because you will understand what is going on in a different way.

While the Orangutan is with you, you will want to be as creative as you can and use any available resources that you can find to help you meet your needs. If you do not have a creative project started yet, this is the time to do this. This links to the first point, because when you finish this creative project it will feed into the completion energy around you, helping you even more! Have fun with this and invite the Orangutan to be with you during those times!

It is time to look at your diet again and add fruit to your daily intake on a regular basis as this will help create healthier physical balance! It would be in your best interest to keep a food journal around this where you write down what you are eating to keep yourself on track and also how you feel each day to see the impact it has on you! This could be the very thing you need to increase your frequencies to be able to call more to you.

Orangutan Animal Spirit Guide Meaning