Orca Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Orca appears, take this guidance:

With the Orca beside you, it is important for you to ask for the help of your friends and family to complete a goal you have set out for yourself, personal and/or business related. By learning to ask for the help and cooperation from your loved ones, it will become easier for you to reach out to people you do not know. This can look like asking them to be a guest on their podcast or TV show and reaching out to a person you believe you are meant to work with. The Orca wants you to stretch out of your comfort zone to ask for what you want and begin to receive it. If you are not receiving it, it is a sign for you to see what needs to heal within you so you can begin to receive what you have always meant to receive. 

The Orca brings forth protective energy with it, so you know that you do not need to fear anything or anyone during the time the Ocra is with you. Meditate with the Orca and see what big leaps you can create with the Orca help within your purpose and business! What have you been scared to share with the world because of fear holding you back? What would it look like if you leaned into that fear?

During this time, the Orca will be creating some magic in your life by showing you how to invite more members of your Soul Pack into your life. Listen to your intuition when you meet new people because you will either have a feeling and/or just know! If you allow it in, the Orca will bring new people for you to meet in the next few weeks so you can feel the difference between who is apart of your Soul Pack and those who are not. You can even meditate with the Orca and ask where your Soul Pack is hanging out. Once you know, give yourself permission to go to those places!

You may experience an increased awareness around communication. You will be able to read body language with ease and notice when someone's tone changes in their voice. This will help you when you are communicating with people in your personal life and business/career life as you will know what is the best thing for you to say during those times. Keep a journal around what you experience during this time, as it could be clues to what you need to be offering to your clients! 

Linking to the first point, now is the time to show the world what creative projects you have been manifesting alone. Before doing so, make sure you remove any attachments to how the world is going to receive it! It is time to be fearless and confident! The Orca believes in you, just like I do!

Orca Animal Spirit Guide Meaning