If the Panda appears, take this guidance:

🐼 The panda shows up for you when you are caught thinking there is only black or white aka right or wrong and helps you expand your perspectives.

🐼 If you have received nudges from the universe to follow through with a project, the panda is here to remind you when you have your mind set to complete a goal that comes from your heart, you can do anything.

🐼 The next opportunity you receive to be in nature and climb to higher grounds, ask for the panda to be with you. Once you reach somewhere higher where you can see the world below, meditate from this point. Afterwards observe how you feel.

🐼 When you have multiple tasks at hand, the panda will show up to remind you to handle one task at a time and only move onto the next one once you have completed the first one.⠀⠀⠀

🐼 If you give spiritual advice, you can ask for the Goddess, Guan Yin, to be with you during your consults to offer compassion and mercy.

🐼 It is important for you to listen to your intuitive voice for guidance, instead of asking for others opinions. You can ask for the panda to be there with you when you meditate for guidance to enhance this!