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Pheasant energy encourages you to plant a garden in the spring and growing whatever floats your boat. Looking at this with a business twist, you can meditate with the Pheasant to see what you should be planting in the spring of 2019. New programs and courses will be downloading throughout winter so by time spring appear you already know what to provide for your community.

For those of you that feel a strong connection with the Pheasant, it would be in your best interest to see if you have any past life connections in Asia, especially China and India.

Even though Pheasants can fly fast for short distances, they prefer to stay on the ground and run and this week the Pheasant wants you to do the same with your business. Especially in a woohoo kind of business where we can easily stay up in the cosmos. This is a good reminder for you to ground yourself back inside of your body so you can ground your divine downloads as well.

If you have any plans this week with friends, co-workers or family, do yourself a favor and ask for the Pheasant to be with you and wear colorful and fun clothes. See how others view you showing up different in a playful and bright way! Which you can then apply to your business.

Talking more about playful energy, the Pheasant’s energies can increase your libido and energy so make sure to have fun in your life this week! Enjoy yourself to the fullest and this will shine through your business as well.