Pigeon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Pigeon appears, take this guidance:

Be aware of the divine downloads the Universe is giving you while the Pigeon is with you, as it will come in an unexpected source in an unexpected way. Keep yourself alert and aware when the Pigeon is with you because of this. It would serve you and your highest good and purpose to set the intention with the Pigeon to only ask for divine downloads to appear to you that will serve your highest good and purpose. The best thing for you to do is to keep a journal with you at all times and write down any divine downloads that come through because then you are honouring these divine downloads. Some divine downloads may need some time to fully develop so writing them down will help them manifest faster in your life. Also, when you make a list of your divine downloads then you can prioritize them and see what direction serves you and your highest good and purpose the best at this time!

The Pigeon wants you to remind you to keep your eye on the goal you have set out for yourself, continue to stay with it and take action on it so you can complete it. If you have problems completing things, you are not the only one on this planet. There is no need to throw yourself a pity party because of this. There is a need for you to create an action plan to make sure you are hitting deadlines that you have assigned to yourself through an action plan you have created. You can meditate with the Pigeon to figure out a divine action plan that matches you amazingly. You can even ask a trusted friend to be your accountability partner to help keep you motivated and inspired on completing your goal! Another thing you can do to start the energy of completion around you is to understand that even when you do your laundry or dishes and complete that task, you are actually creating an energy of completion around you. The Pigeon just does not want you to use small tasks that have nothing to do with your action plan towards your goal to distract you.

When you are missing home, the Pigeon wants you to close your eyes, take a deep breathe in, and know you can always bring that feeling into your present moment. It would be best for you to meditate with the Pigeon if the breathing exercise does not work. The Pigeon wants you to remember that you can work with it when you know you will be travelling.

Remember when you are being faced with challenges and struggles you can rely on your family, friends, animal guides, and your coach to provide you the support, wisdom, guidance, and compassion you need. The Pigeon wants you to know that you are not alone on your path and never actually are even if you truly believe that you are alone. The Universe provides you lessons to grow and evolve your soul, and one of the lessons could be to learn how to ask for support from your family, friends, animal guides, and your coach. You are not asking for too much when you truly need help in an area that you do not have a lot of knowledge or wisdom on that subject. That is okay! This just shows you the learning opportunities that are available to you, which is really exciting. The Pigeon wants you to see it this way, but only if you choose so.

Pigeon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning