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Polar Bear

The Polar Bear is here to teach and assist you in being both strong and assertive in your communications with anyone this week and know when you should surrender when it is in your best interest.

While the Polar Bear is with you, give yourself the respect and hold your head high at all times. This is another form of communication to others and how they should be treating and reacting to you.

Before making any actions this week, sit down and meditate with the Polar Bear to view your situation from all angles so you can be fully prepared to make the aligned moves. Once you do take action, make sure to put both feet in and do not hesitate.

The Polar Bear will teach you to stay committed to focus on the task at hand and place the necessary energy into it so you can complete it. Be aware if you are being distracted by other tasks and allowing them to use this energy.

During this week, take some time to give your mind, body, spirit, soul the much-needed nourishment so it can feel refreshed and ready to take on anything.

A spiritual journey likes to attach itself when the Polar Bear shows up, so do not be surprised if you are being called on a spiritual adventure, one where your hidden talents and gifts will be awakened or reach new heights.