Prairie Dog Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Prairie Dog appears, take this guidance:

The Prairie Dog shows up to urge you to help out your community either by volunteering your time, energy, and/or money. See all the different ways that you can volunteer apart of yourself to your community and then see which ways are the most aligned to you which will serve you, your highest good, your soul’s purpose, and the highest good of your community. You are more than welcome to meditate with the Prairie Dog to figure out what is best for you to do and you never know, you could be completely surprised by what the Prairie Dog comes up with! You could even see if there is some way you can use your natural gifts and talents to help out your community so it is easy for you to support your community through your soul’s purpose!

Plan a day in the near future to spend some time by yourself in silence, which will help recharge your energies and give you a new perspective on any situation in your life. This is such a simple way of reconnecting to Nature and allowing the Universe to show you the abundance that surrounds you on the daily such as ways to recharge your energies, and all the infinite perspectives on situations in your life! If you choose to do this, it is in your best interest to set an intention of what you would like to get out of this day in Nature. Then the Universe can provide for you truly. 

While the Prairie Dog is with you, increase the number of vegetables in your diet and journal how it impacts you. This could be the energy that you have been searching for to help you level up or download new wisdom that you have been seeking! The bond between you and the Prairie Dog will strengthen by eating like a herbivore. Feel free to do this for as long as you feel it is serving you, your highest good, and your soul’s purpose.

Whatever goal you have been working extremely hard on because there is some sort of resistance showing up, the Prairie Dog wants you to take a break from it. Meditate with the Prairie Dog to rest and see a new way to go about it so it flows with ease and grace. You will want to set this intention so the Universe knows how to show up for you now. Also when there is some sort of resistance showing up, you could ask yourself and the Prairie Dog is you are aligned to your most joyous life path! If you are not, you will want to talk to the Prairie Dog to see what you can do to start aligning to your most joyous life path. You may even be guided to work with an aligned coach to help you speed up the process!

When in doubt, ask for the Prairie Dog to help you know when you should be retreating and when you should be pushing forward. This way of being is very natural to the Prairie Dog as it is apart of how they thrive. They know if they make the wrong move that it could mean the end of their life. Now by saying that, this is not meant to scare you at all! This is meant to inspire you because the Prairie Dog is a master of knowing what step it should be taking next! If you feel like you are stuck in paralysis and are not sure which move you should be making, meditate with the Prairie Dog to help you move through that either by retreating and changing up your game plan or by pushing forward with the current plan you have right now!

Prairie Dog Animal Spirit Guide Meaning