Praying Mantis

Do some research on practicing a martial arts discipline that will involve awakening your spiritual side to help you be in a meditative state more easily. You can meditate with the Praying Mantis to align to the one that will serve you best. Just because your friend really likes a certain technique and/or teacher, does not mean its in alignment for you as well. Also, the Praying Mantis wants you to start working on your daily mindset more intently. This could look like either bringing in or changing your daily intentions, mantras, journaling, and meditations. It is a smart idea to change up these daily routines whenever you feel like you are no longer moving. This is a great indication that it is time to do this very thing! By applying a martial arts and daily mindset routines, it will be easier for you to listen to your intuition, especially when it is time to move forward with something or retreat. It would be beneficial for you to meditate with the Praying Mantis for any guidance that has to do with anything mentioned above.

This is a reminder for you to spend some time in Nature, if you can! Sit down somewhere cozy, don’t move for a while and focus on your breathing, just like a Praying Mantis. You can even ask for the Praying Mantis’ energies to come forward and be with you during this time. If there has been something on your mind recently and you are wanting to have more clarity around this situation and/or want a solution to a problem that you have by spending time in Nature and meditating with the Praying Mantis can help you with this.

The Praying Mantis helps you move your attention from whatever is not working for you to what is working for you! Remember that whatever you focus on becomes your intention. Then these intentions is what the Universe listens to, to know what to bring more of into your life. Everything starts with your thoughts and then your actions or inactions. The Universe observes this and then delivers the result it believes you are trying to obtain. Sometimes, you do have to act as if something is already happening to take the actions and receive the results that you are looking for. This is okay! Get your intentions aligned to what you are wanting to accomplish!