Puffin Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Puffin appears, take this guidance:

Actions speak louder than words. The Puffin shows up to remind you of that, so you can have more awareness around your actions towards yourself and others, and to be aware of the actions of others around you. This is a great time for you to see what boundaries you have set out for yourself and take action on upgrading them. We truly teach people how to treat us and the boundaries that you set up for yourself are what teaches people. Take the necessary action to upgrade new boundaries, set new boundaries, and take action with those that are not respecting them!

While the Puffin is with you, take some time every day to write a letter to the Universe filled with gratitude, rather than requests at this time. Take roughly 15 minutes to let the Universe know what you are truly grateful for. Remember what we focus on is what the Universe knows what to bring us. So when you are focusing on the things that you are grateful for you will receive more of that and become even more grateful! Now is the best time to start this amazing relationship with the Universe.

At this time, it is best for you to only reveal your true feelings to those that you know will listen and accept. Do your best not to interact with people that you may have a conflict with. Not everyone is going to agree with your true feelings. You can spend your time better elsewhere. Time is the only resource you will not get more of and it is best to use it as wisely as you can! Ask your intuition if people will listen and honour what you have to say to them, if not the Puffin wants you to walk away from that conversation. 

Take some time to meditate with the Puffin to look into your future to see what is coming towards you, so you can make the appropriate moves and action now. It is always good to know what you are wanting to accomplish in the future so you can make an action plan towards completing that goal! The Puffin wants to connect you with your future self so you can ask your future self what actions need to be taken to get you where you want to be. Of course, the Puffin will chirp in when it believes it needs too!

The Puffin also encourages you to include fun into your everyday life! See where you can add fun into your spiritual path as it will make it more enjoyable. The Puffin wants to remind you that your life is meant to be fun and enjoyable, so when things are not going that way for you it is time to look at what needs to change inside of you! Our outside environment is a reflection of what is happening inside of us, so it must start inside of you!

Puffin Animal Spirit Guide Meaning