Raccoon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Raccoon appears, take this guidance:

The Raccoon shows up to let you know that even if you are having doubts about having the proper resources for a situation at hand, know the Universe has your back and you have the resources needed. The Universe will always provide for you no matter what, as that’s one of the best things it knows how to do! So it is best for you to set your intentions with the Raccoon at this time and create some daily mantras around how you would like the Universe to provide for you! Of course, you will need to take appropriate and aligned action to receive your desires so remember to put in the work! Remember that every relationship is a two way street and you need to be putting your work in as the Universe will match that.⠀⠀

Listen to your intuition to learn if there is any deception going on around you. You can meditate with the Raccoon to make sure you are hearing the truth, instead of your ego. I will let you know a little secret I do to help me know when my ego is speaking to me, which is that I have asked for it to speak in a different voice. So whenever it speaks I instantly know that my ego is trying to take the spotlight. You can steal this little secret if you would like. Remember your outside world is a reflection of your inner world, so if you are hearing things that you do not want to hear, it will be a sign for you to work with your ego to resolve these issues.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

While the Raccoon is with you, see how different you approach and receive things when you focus on giving yourself permission to entertain your curiosities in an open-ended exploration instead of being goal oriented. Many people in the world suffer from being able to receive even the simplest things such as compliments and someone holding a door open for them. If you are one of these people, no need to judge yourself, you will just want to increase your awareness around this and then lean into receiving. You could ask for a friend or more to give you daily compliments for you to get used to receiving, which will help strengthen your receiving muscles. Of course this is beneficial because the bigger your receiving muscles get the bigger gifts you can receive from the Universe.

Ancestors and deceased loved ones may be reaching out to you right now through signs and omens. It would be in your best interest to meditate with the Raccoon and ask if this point is for you. If not, then you do not have to worry about it. If so, then you will want to figure out what they are wanting to tell you during this time with the help of the Raccoon. There could be a chance you are too attached to what the outcome will be which will muck the energy and it will be hard for you to hear and receive the truth of what is going on. If this is the case you will want to hire a medium to help you connect with your ancestors and/or deceased loved ones.

Right now is an important time to be aware of your emotions and mental thoughts for the next couple of days because you will need to be flexible for any situation that may come up. This does link to the point about when your ego is trying to talk to you. You may even want to create a journal that revolves around what your daily emotions and mental thoughts are. You may only consciously think about a negative or positive thought once, but your subconscious mind is constantly on replay which just shows you that it is extremely important for you to have aligned thoughts which will help produce the results that you desire. Of course there is no need to judge yourself if your emotions are not as stable as you would like and your mental thoughts are more negative than you realized. It is actually great to see something is not working because then you can start to create more awareness around the subject and do something to change it!

Raccoon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning