Rattlesnake Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Rattlesnake appears, take this guidance:

For those of you that have been receiving signs to stay away from something or someone, trust those signs. The Rattlesnake is with you during this time and is trying to keep you safe.

During this week, try to incorporate a detox that will last 3-7 days to help you release any toxins you are holding inside of your body. This will also help you release any mental, emotional and spiritual toxins you have as well.

While the Rattlesnake is with you, make sure to journal any dreams you have this week. These dreams will be offering clues and guidance through the transformation you are currently in.

Do not be alarmed if your intuitive gifts increase, especially if you are able to see or feel others auras stronger than usual. No matter what trust what you are feeling when you are around other people.

Whatever you are doing now to heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual will be the start of another transformation journey. Continue on this path as it will not only serve you but others around you such as friends and family.

Rattlesnake Animal Spirit Guide Meaning