Red Panda

The Red Panda wants you to do whatever it takes to create a home base for yourself, so you can feel safe and secure. The more you feel this way, the easier it will become to create and manifest the things you want! This is a great energy to be in and it is an important one to create around you first before you start to create anything else with your soul’s purpose!

The best time to meditate with the Red Panda is in the evening, in a darkened room. You will want to have a journal ready to write down what you experienced with the Red Panda.

Give yourself permission to get more rest and then follow through with that. You can ask for the Red Panda to help execute this for you. It is important for you to have balance in your life and when you do not, it will spill into your soul’s purpose and create a disaster! Be consciously aware of how you are creating balance in your life everyday.

If you feel closely connected to the Red Panda you will want to look into any past lives that are in the Far East, such as Nepal, Tibet, Burma, and/or China.

While the Red Panda is with you, try a vegetarian diet and keep a food journal so you can record your experiences with eating differently. It is best to keep a journal on this because you will want to make sure you remember what is going on instead of guessing. You may even want to journal for a week after returning to your normal diet to note the differences!

Last but not least, the Red Panda wants you to play more and worry less. Take some time to see where you are worrying about something that you have no control over and has not even occurred yet. Let it go and bring your energies back into the present moment. Focus on what you can do in the now and take action on it!