Salmon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Salmon appears, take this guidance:

You may have been feeling pretty low on how you feel towards a goal you have set out for yourself, but make sure to keep your goals and dreams alive and by doing that you will reach it. This is the first time to meditate with the Salmon and make sure your goals and dreams are still in alignment with you. When you grow, so do your goals and dreams and you may just need to make your goals and dreams bigger so it relights the fire in your belly! Also, the Salmon may tell you that it is time to let go of that goal and move onto one that is more aligned and serves a higher purpose to you. Once you have this clarity, it is time for you to take action towards your goals!

Now is a great time for you to really follow your gut feelings and avoid anyone that is trying to persuade you another way, as they may have a hidden agenda. You can meditate with the Salmon to see what hidden agendas are around you and which people are wanting the best for you as well! Of course, it would serve you best to communicate with the Salmon to strengthen your relationship with your gut feeling. This could be as simple as when you go to drive somewhere, ask the Universe and Salmon which way you should take that day. Then you want to listen to and follow what has been delivered to you! Always remember that your gut feeling, the Universe, and the Salmon all have your best interest in mind at all times.

It can be hard to look past a loss, such as a relationship or a move, but the Salmon is here to remind you that there is another chapter waiting for you! It will never serve you to stay stuck in a chapter that you are meant to move past, but only you can make that decision for yourself. If you are wanting to move onto the next chapter but you are having difficulties with letting your last chapter go, it will best serve you to meditate with the Salmon and learn how it flows with the currents of rivers and oceans for most of its life. And then even talk to the Salmon about when it makes its difficult trip back to the river it was born. This just shows you that the Salmon knows about difficult moves from chapter to chapter.

Take some time to look inside yourself and see what changes you have to make, so that you can experience a new you with new lessons. This does link with the point above. You will want to work with the Salmon on an intimate level to resolve things and make the changes you want to see. Of course, it would serve you, your highest self, and soul’s purpose to hire an aligned coach to help you move through this transition with love, grace, and ease! Instead of hardship, struggle, and disharmony. 

Salmon brings a time of plenty to you, where you will be abundant in more ways than one! The Salmon wants you to share this with others. This is a great way to learn how to increase the abundance in your life in every way. Whenever you give a gift to someone and they receive it well, it is a gift back to you! When you continue to work on focusing on the abundance around you that you love, the Salmon and the Universe will do their job by bringing more of that abundance into your life. Which is what you want isn’t it?

Salmon Animal Spirit Guide Meaning