Seahorse Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Seahorse appears, take this guidance:

Now is a time to be aware of other’s needs you and make sure there is a balance between your needs and being a service to others or cause. The Seahorse wants you to balance your divine masculine and divine feminine energies while it is with you. The certain energies that the Seahorse wants you to balance are your receiving energies (divine feminine energies) and your providing energies (divine masculine energies). When you are out of balance with these it can cause a disruption in how the Universe can provide for you. Meditate with the Seahorse to see what the best way is for you to create a balance between these energies.

Since the male is known to carry the babies, instead of the female, the Seahorse challenges people to see what gender roles they have placed on themselves and others in their life. Right now is a perfect time for you to challenge yourself and start to take on some of the roles of what you believe is for the opposite sex. This can help you with your divine feminine and divine masculine energies. If you are in a relationship, this could be a time to see which one of you resembles the divine masculine and divine feminine. Once you know this, have some fun with the Seahorse and each other and see how you can change this up!

Look into a cause you value deeply and figure out a way for you to volunteer some of your time to that service organization. Precaution: if you are already too deep into your divine masculine energies aka providing too much and not receiving, the Seahorse advises you to not do this until you have balanced your divine masculine and divine feminine energies. If you are balanced or receiving more than you are providing, this is a perfect time for you to volunteer some of your time. This will allow you to be a contribution to the world.

The Seahorse likes to bring in a new spiritual journey for any that come across it. Be open to receiving the lessons and opportunities that will come forth. This may look like investing some time, energy, and money to healing yourself so you can move onto the next chapter of your life! The Seahorse would be more than happy to show you to your aligned coach who will lead you through this new spiritual journey with love, grace, and ease.

Seahorse Animal Spirit Guide Meaning