Sloth Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Sloth appears, take this guidance:

Take a deep breathe in and slow down. You will miss out on so much more if you are running around like a chick with its head cut off. Now that you have taken that breathe in, look your business in the eyes. See what projects need your attention right now and make it a priority to get completed by the end of the week! You can ask for the Sloth to be with you until completion.

The Sloth shows up to remind you to be aware of your eating habits, as it is healthier for you to graze throughout the day instead of large meals. When we put large and heavy meals into our system is literally weighs down your frequency. Imagine you just eat a heavy meal that is putting you to sleep and then you try to be a service to your community. I am sure you can feel inside of your own body what it would be like to be receiving that service. Play around with how frequency you eat and see how much it changes your messages and the responses you receive!

It is also important for you to start working out every day, as it not only makes you healthier but it also helps you ground in your body and stay in the present moment, especially strengthening exercises. When you are not in the present moment it will be difficult for you to connect to the message/service you are wanting to broadcast to your community. This will greatly impact your business, unless you work on this issue!

The Sloth has a different view on the world compared to a lot, due to it hanging upside down for a lot of its life, and wants you to look at your world in a different way, particularly on the issue you are currently dealing with. Meditate with the Sloth and ask for the ‘and better result’ to show up. This is a great time to look where you are still programming yourself to have all/nothing, black/white, etc thinking.

Continue to put one foot in front of the other towards a goal, it is the only way for you to get anywhere. It may be a slower journey than you imagined, through in time you can speed it up. Build the plane and fly it at the same time! You can do both and the more you do this, the more speed you will gain with your successes in your business.

Be aware of the activities, supplements, and food your body needs to maintain a healthy immune system. As you can see there is a theme with the Sloth! You may want to seek out a nutritionist at this time. Remember your health is your ultimate wealth!

Sloth Animal Spirit Guide Meaning