Sparrow Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Sparrow appears, take this guidance:

Now is the time to be very productive and creative. Ask for the Sparrow to be with you to get whatever project you have set in front of yourself done. The Sparrow wants you to start crushing goals so you can move onto the next goal waiting for you. When you allow yourself to be creative when completing a task, you are using your right side of the brain which allows you to connect with the Universe and Sparrow easier. By doing this, you will see how exciting and empowering it is to complete goals and move onto the next one. You may even receive a divine download on how to complete your goal in a very creative way that you have never seen before!

Remind yourself that you have nobility energy inside of you that you can activate anytime. To enhance this energy it is best to see nobility energy inside of objects, people around you, and within yourself. You can work with the Sparrow to increase your awareness around this nobility energy around you. When you start to consciously seek something out, the Universe understands and will bring more opportunities for you to see what is around you! Meaning, the more nobility energy you see inside of objects, animals, people around you, within yourself the more that nobility energy inside of you will grow! You may even want to research how to increase your nobility energy within you properly with grace, ease, and respect!

When the Sparrow is with you, it is best to walk with confidence, with your head held high and eyes forward. This ignites the energy of self-respect and dignity inside of you and shows the Universe this. By taking doing these actions in a way of grace, you are also increasing your nobility energy inside of you. Something that you can do while learning how to walk with confidence, increase your nobility energy, etc. is to ask yourself a question! The question you should be asking yourself is, what would the Queen of England/whoever you find that displays this energy you want to embody do in this situation? By asking this question the Sparrow can answer and allow you to embody and be that energy you are seeking! It is a very powerful tool you can use on the daily!

The more love you receive during this time will allow your heart to grow more and more, which in turn helps you express your love to those around you. Start with yourself! See how you can love yourself more by meditating with the Sparrow! Once you figure that out start taking actions on loving yourself! There are many different actions you can do to embody more love into your life. If you do have a partner or someone that is willing to give you the extra love, so you can receive it from an outside source, let them know what actions make you feel move loved! They are not a mind-reader and it is your job to make sure those around you know how to love you, but that starts with understanding how to love yourself first! If you do not know, they will not know!

The spark inside of you and your energy is awakening and rising each day. You may notice you are expressing it vocally by singing or whistling! Continue to do that because it is working! The Sparrow wants you to continue to strengthen your throat chakra so you can start to share your gifts, talents, and energy with the world! See what sacred wisdom is trying to get out of you! Perhaps meditate with the Sparrow and write out what you are meant to teach in this lifetime. Once you know that you can start to create an action plan and start delivering that sacred wisdom within you to those you are meant to connect with! 

Sparrow Animal Spirit Guide Meaning