If the Stag appears, take this guidance:

You will embark on an adventure, if you so choose, that will be rewarding because of the growth you will go through during this time. On this journey, you will be expressing your masculine energies more than usual. These energies will make you feel powerful and macho. It will be both fun and challenging, while you are deepening your spirituality to a surprising amount. This opportunity will present itself to you, so you can remove limiting beliefs and make room for new beliefs that will serve your highest good. The Stag truly represents the Divine Masculine energy within you and it would be best to see what belief systems you have around masculine energies. Are they healthy or unhealthy? The Stag will want you to look at any father figures you have in your life as these people moulded your belief systems around the Divine Masculine, even if they were false.

The Stags antlers are seen as antennas, which will bring in more divine downloads to you. Pay attention to what is coming through while you spend time with the Stag. If you surrender to the divine downloads and allow them to show you how to express yourself in creative, new and different ways, you will be impressed with what you can manifest in the 3D. The Stag has this amazing and unique ability due to its antlers as it can receive lots of divine downloads, stay grounded at the same time, and then manifest those divine downloads into the physical plane. By working with the Stag, you can learn how to do the same thing. Another great lesson that the Stag can teach you is to learn how to be grounded and experience ascension at the same time! Also, the Stags antlers tend to attract visits from the fairy realm and from nature spirits.

You may want to look up the deer as well!