The Starfish wants you to see all the opportunities and possibilities that are about to appear to you, then trust your intuition to follow which one is best for you to pursue. It is so important to make sure that an opportunity is aligned to you before you go through with it and take action upon it. To bring aligned opportunities towards you need to make sure that you have aligned thoughts. This is the first step in bringing the opportunities and results that you desire. Meditate with the Starfish to help you with this. 

Now is a time to take actions the way you want to take action, even if others are telling you they would do it a different way. One of my favourite sayings is not to listen to someone’s advice who does not want you to succeed or has not done what you are planning on doing. Listen to your intuition and know there is never a wrong decision. There are only learning lessons and understanding what your soul purpose is in this lifetime. The Starfish wants you to take aligned action once you have your thoughts aligned! You can also, meditate with the Starfish and ask for the Starfish to show you the connection to All-That-Is, your place on earth, and the cosmos! This can help you align to your most joyous life path because you will no longer be wondering what it is, you will just know and be able to take aligned action with ease and grace.

Go with the flow of the Universe, there is no need to hurry things. Take a deep breath and go at a pace that completely resonates with you. The Starfish does not want you to keep up with the Joneses. It will do you no good and perhaps harm yourself in all aspects (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical) to keep up with a standard that does not resonate with you. Meditate with the Starfish to see what your natural pace is, then flow with that. Once you start flowing with the Universe you will see how much easier and graceful it is to attract things to you. 

No matter what losses you have recently gone through, just know that the Starfish reminds you that you will fully recover and be able to start again. When you have to ‘start over’ just remember that you have experience behind you now and it will help lead you to your most joyous life path. Connect with the Starfish to see your most joyous life path and then ask what is needed of you to shift into that energy. The Starfish and the Universe want you to align to your most joyous life path, the only thing that is preventing you from doing so is you. Sorry, not sorry.

Tap into the energy of your loved one's while the Starfish is with you and see if there is one that needs your love. When you continue to embody and give detached compassion to anyone and anything that crosses your path, it will help you align to your truth. Your truth is that your natural essence is love. The Starfish wants you to remember this and do your best to keep you awareness up when you are and are not in a loving energy.