If the Turtle appears, take this guidance:

The Turtle usually shows up for you when you have been moving so fast you are making yourself exhausted. It is time to take a breather and slow things down, so that everything moves at a natural pace. This is a great time to see if the current speed you are working at is actually in your best interest. Everyone has a didn’t rhythm and speed in this lifetime and it will do you no good to either be faster or slower than this natural rhythm and speed for you. Take some time to meditate with the Turtle to find out what your natural rhythm and speed is actually for you!

It is important for you to learn the balance of being dependant on people and being independent. Take the time to see where you need to be more independent within your life. It is a great thing to have support from friends and family throughout your life but without you owning your power and creating your own independence around yourself your life will become unbalanced. If you know you struggle with this, you will want to make sure you are meditating with the Turtle on a daily basis until this issue is resolved!

This is the perfect time for you to listen and observe to what your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies need and nurture yourself where needed. This is a great reminder that you can not serve if your teacups are empty and if one is empty, it will affect your other teacups. Give yourself permission to work and focus on yourself while the Turtle is with you. This is a perfect time for you to set up a call with your coach, workout, dance to some of your favourite music, get a tattoo, get a pedicure done, or anything that tickles your fancy that you know will fill up any empty teacups you have! Once you have filled them up again, you will notice the impact it has on your purpose and business.

You may notice you are becoming more sensitive to the earth’s vibrations and the company of the earth’s consciousness including humans. It may start as feelings inside of your body before you experience the emotions. Set intentions on how intense this will be for you by meditating with the Turtle. By going through this process with the Turtle, you can even set your intentions to feel what your ideal clients are currently needing from you now and in the near future so you can prepare something special for them!

Spending a few hours or longer alone, will serve your highest good because it will get you away from people and society that surrounds you, allowing you to have some alone time with your intuition and Nature. It would best serve you to go out into Nature where you know you will be safe to spend some time alone. You never know how the Universe will surprise you during this time! You could receive visits from wildlife, receive divine downloads that you have been patiently waiting to come to you, and much more! During this time you can even set crystal clear intentions of what you would like to receive while you are alone in Nature. When you are spending time by yourself, you may have the desire to be creative and it is best to honour that. It will serve you go to be alone during this creative time so no distractions can interfere.