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If the Turtle appears, take this guidance:

🐢 You have been moving so fast you are making yourself exhausted, it is time to take a breather and slow things down, so that everything moves at a natural pace.

🐢 It is important for you to learn the balance of being dependant on people and being independent. Take the time to see where you need to be more independent with your life.

🐢 This is the perfect time for you to listen and observe to what your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies need and nurture yourself where needed.

🐢 You may notice you are becoming more sensitive to the earth’s vibrations and the company of the earth’s consciousness including humans. It may start as feelings inside of your body before you experience the emotions. Set intentions on how intense this will be for you.

🐢 Spending a few hours or longer alone, will serve your highest good because it will get you away from people and society that surrounds you, so you can have some alone time with your intuition and nature.

🐢 When you are spending time by yourself you may have the desire to be creative and it is best to honour that. It will serve you go to be alone during this creative time so no distractions can interfere.