Walrus Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Walrus appears, take this guidance:

While the Walrus is with you, pay close attention to what nature is trying to tell you. Nature is always giving you guidance with signs. Use Nature and the Walrus together to manifest goals within your personal life, soul’s purpose, and business/career by going with the flow of Nature. For example: for those of you that feel that you are stuck at a fork in the road, ask the Walrus and Nature to show you the unlimited roads that surround you on a daily basis so you can choose the best path for you! You can even go further than that and ask for the Universe and Walrus to show your most joyous life path. Once you know what your most joyous life path looks like, then you can ask what actions you need to take to get there! Look at the current path you are walking on, is it the least joyous, sorta joyous, or most joyous? The Walrus wants you to step into your leadership energy and begin to choose the path that will serve your highest good the best. This will help all areas of your life such as relationships and activities. Meditate with the Walrus and see where you are being passive in your daily life?

The Walrus wants you to see where you can begin to touch and hug those you love more frequently. For those of you that have issues with this, you will want to meditate with the Walrus and see what is the true issue here. Is it intimacy? Remember how we show up in one area of our life, is how we show up everywhere! See where you can bring more actions of love into your personal life, soul purpose, and business/career. This is very important because your natural essence is love and when you are not embodying love, you are creating resistance in your life.

Now is the time to start healing your relationship with money. The Walrus wants you to look at money as just another form of energy as this is it’s natural form. Everything is energy, including money. For those of you that are having issues with money coming into your life through your business/career, you will want to spend some time with the Walrus to begin healing your relationship with money. You can also take money courses from coaches you know who are creating the income that you would like to be creating. They have already been there and know how to help you achieve what they have achieved.

The Walrus wants you to join a group that has like-minded people who will support you on your journey! It would also serve you to spend some time with your close friends who always want the best for you. You can also, step away from those who drain your energy and make you feel worthless and unconfident. By doing this, it will help increase your frequencies and help you recharge your batteries to continue to put your best foot forward!