Wasp Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Wasp appears, take this guidance:

While the Wasp is with you, it is best to jump into whatever task is in front of you with enthusiasm and determination. The more that you wait for things to start on their own or you are paralyzed from thinking you are going to make a mistake/wrong decision. Ask yourself if there was no such thing as a wrong decision what would I be doing today? Right now? The Wasp is here to guide you to take action. The Wasp wants you to make an action plan and take action on those plans to achieve your dreams and stick to it!

If you are strongly connected to the Wasp you will want to research and play with sacred geometry and see how it applies to your life. There are many great people out there that can help you learn more about sacred geometry! Could be the very thing you are looking for!

The Wasp wants you to stay focused on accomplishing your responsibilities and personal obligations for the next few weeks. Ask for the Wasp to be there with you when you are working towards accomplishing your responsibilities and personal obligations! It is always great to have support when you are doing things like this! Could be people and animal spirit guides!

Sometime while the Wasp is with you, give yourself a break and do something completely out of routine. See how this helps you with your day to day life. I would recommend you to do something that you wish you had more in your life. By doing this, you are telling the Universe that you are wanting more of this! It sets a good example of what you want to have more of!

Now is the time to let your heart take the lead once again, instead of your mind. Give yourself permission to do this and see how it changes your life by keeping a journal about this. See where your heart wants to take your soul’s purpose next. What makes your heart beat with more passion shows you what you can do with your soul’s purpose, either by actually doing it or donating your time, money, and energy towards it instead.

Wasp Animal Spirit Guide Meaning