Weasel Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Weasel appears, take this guidance:

During this week, ask for the Weasel to be close to you if you are making any business deals, as you will want to dig beneath the surface to see if you are missing any information before going through with the deal.

While the Weasel is with you, he will ask you to eat smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day instead of 3 bigger meals per day.

The Weasel is here to remind you to listen to your intuition with you should and shouldn’t trust.

Give yourself a day or two this week to be silent. You can be by yourself or in a crowd as that does not matter, just make sure you are observing all that’s around you.

When the Weasel shows up strongly for you, it indicates that you are very protective and fearless when it comes to defending your loved ones and home.

Weasel Animal Spirit Guide Meaning