Whale Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Whale appears, take this guidance:

The Whale wants you to be singing, humming, and chanting throughout the week to serve your highest good, especially if you are enjoying yourself while doing it. Of course, it would be in your best interest to set your intention for what will come from this activity!

While the Whale is with you, this is a very creative time for you and it is best for you to dive into whatever project you have been working on to complete it! You may be surprised that your artistic expression is bolder this week. You can also ask for the Whale to be with you to give you the motivation to complete your task at hand and if you find yourself struggling at the end you can listen to some whale songs to keep you moving forward.

It is important for you to be meditating this week, so you can get your mind crystal clear on the goals you have set out for yourself this year. You may want to look into creating/revamping your vision board to have clearer goals set with a new energy flowing around you. This will serve you and your purpose on a higher level.

Those who are deeply connected with the Whale will feel a pull to research esoteric information about the origins of life here on Mother Earth.

For those of you that feel like you are being pulled into your creative projects so much that you are out of balance, the Whale wants you to step away by playing and socializing to give yourself a break until you are back in balance. It is good to learn this balance and understand what it means to you so you can see yourself becoming unbalanced easier and quicker.

Linking to the point above, it is important for you to balance yourself and conserve your energy while the Whale is with you. The Whale wants you to surround yourself with a blue or white light to keep you in balance and conserve your energies.

Whale Animal Spirit Guide Meaning