Wombat Animal Spirit Guide Meaning

If the Wombat appears, take this guidance:

The Wombat wants you to know that you have all the resources that you need to move past your current blockages and challenges. You may need to dig to find them but trust that the Wombat and the Universe has your back.

Continue moving towards your goals and know it is best to have no attachment to what the outcome is ‘supposed’ to look like. Ask for the and better result to drop in.

When you speak your truth to yourself and others, double check with yourself that you are coming from a place of confidence and self assurance. This will help you receive the results you truly want. Also you will want to treat your audience with respect and detached compassion no matter they respond or don’t respond to what you said.

Now is the time to look into your dental hygiene. See where you can increase your teeth health. Many people struggle with visibility because they feel like their teeth are not white enough or straight enough. If this is you, it is time that you deal with this because it truly isn’t about your teeth it is about something else. If you are serious about moving past this and being a service to your community, PM me to see how we can work together to get you past this!

For those that are more connected with the Wombat, you will want to look into herbology and herbal medicine. Go as far as even taking a class in this and see what herbs can help your current conditions right now. This can be a connection to your purpose!

Wombat Animal Spirit Guide Meaning