Your Ultimate Animal Medicine Guided Meditations

Learn how easy it is to connect to Animal Spirit Guides and use their wisdom now!

These ten meditations from Animal Medicine Woman™ will help you develop a greater sense of how you can work with Animal Spirit Guides on the daily to co-create your most aligned life path. Within this meditation journey, you will notice the powerful lessons each Animal Spirit Guide has to offer you and who will show you how you can start using these very sacred and successful tools in your day to day life right away!

Layout of the Meditations:

Meditation 1: Creating Your Sacred Space

Meditation 2: Developing and Increasing Your Clairvoyance

Meditation 3: Developing and Increasing Your Clairaudience 

Meditation 4: Help to Remove Your Ego from Your Meditation 

Meditation 5: How to Talk to Your Spirit Guides

Meditation 6: Help Rid Any Anxiety with the Help of Your Guides 

Meditation 7: Help Rid You Depression with the Help of Your Guides 

Meditation 8: Bring Happiness from Your Sacred Space to Your Life 

Meditation 9: How to Connect to Your Future Self to Help You Pass Blockages 

Meditation 10: Bring It All Together and Start to Truly Co-create and Manifest 

Bonus Track!

These guided meditations do not contain a musical accompaniment, as Animal Medicine Woman™ found it would serve you on a higher level.

Begin Co-Creating with the World of Animal Medicine!

"I understand how it can be scary to start meditating if you are uncertain if you are doing it correctly and you do not need to be by yourself in this journey and that is why I have created this product for you! You will have the support from eleven different animal spirit guides who are extremely eager to help you right now! They are waiting on you to open up to this world of Animal Medicine." Animal Medicine Woman


If you would like to understand more about Animal Medicine and how you can dig deeper into understanding what your sacred space is trying to tell you to who your Power Spirit Leaders are, click here to read about Animal Medicine 101. A group program where you will learn to master your communication with your Power Spirit Leaders and Animal Spirit Guides to allow you to go to the next level of co-creation!

Animal Medicine 101 Guided Meditations

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If you have taken the Animal Medicine 101 course, these are the same meditations that you have received.