Executive Achievement in Business & Sales

Get your spiritual business to work on its own and do the heavy lifting for you. This 1:1 Coaching Package normally lasts 12 months. By allowing your business to do all the heavy lifting for you, you are able to just focus on serving those who you are meant to serve by staying in your zone of genius. This is the secret sauce to bring in more cash flow for you as you are no longer stressing about where, when, and how the money is coming in, you are just staying in your lane and serving those you are meant to. Allowing the Universe to do the rest.

Instead of making the money that you have been working hard for, you can begin to learn how to make that same amount of money, if not more, without all the hard work. 

You are going to really get the needle moving within your business and sales without the stress. You are going to be able to attract your soul pack that is ready to say yes to you right now, without them having to think about it. They will show up because you are now fully showing up. 

When you step into this energy you will be able to reach your next financial business goal with ease and grace. The hard work that you put into everything will have finally paid itself off. You will experience more time for the things you care about without feeling the guilt of not working on your business because it is fully functional on its own. 

No more saying yes to the clients that you know you should be saying no to, just so you can make the money that is required to run a profitable business. You are about to experience the joy of working with your true soul pack that is ready to pay you up front for everything and continue to work with you for the years to come. Plus, once your true soul pack arrives, they will be referring you like crazy to their friends and family! Bringing in more liked-minded people into your spiritual business. 

Have complete faith and trust in the Universe that it will figure out the when, where, and how the money is showing up for you. No more stressing about money. Putting money on a pedestal is the last thing you want to do if you want to get to your next financial spiritual business goal. Learn how to let money add to your life with excitement, not stress. 

Have complete faith that your spiritual business has a strong foundation to continue to bring in more of your soul pack to buy your amazing products/services. This gives you all the time to focus on your zone of genius to create more of what you love. Running a business of any kind is work, but it does not have to be as hard as you are making it. Once you have that business foundation set, you will just need to tweek it here and there instead of focusing on it all day long which does not bring in sales.

Also, with your business foundation set up properly, you will begin to experience your business filtering out those who should be and should not be working with you. You will not have to do all the work finding your clients, your soul pack will be able to find you through your crystal clear messaging. This allows people to sign up for your freebies and products/services quicker.

Cas will set you up with success for each call. Giving you the guidance of how to prepare for each call so you can get the most out of your investment. You will go through the unique and powerful solution through Akashic Soul Record Readings.

You will start with your 3 hour kick off call, where you will be able to hone in on your soul pack without a doubt going that extra level deeper. Truly knowing what keeps them up at night, what needs and desires that drive them to purchase your products/services. Once you know that, you are going to be able to hyperfocus on what you offer which will be so irresistible to your soul pack they will be wishing they found you sooner. This targeted approach will not only attract your ideal clients but also create a stronger connection and rapport with them. During this call we will also lay out the ultimate spiritual business strategy, discussing how to market new products and services, focusing on your goals and what actions to take to achieve them, and much more! Additionally you will learn what your cash injection is within your business. The one thing that will always bring money into your spiritual business when needed! Last but not least, check out your social media(s)/website to see what messaging needs to be reworded so your soul pack knows exactly what you are selling and how you can help them. 

This coaching package includes 18 Akashic Soul Record Readings, each lasting 55 minutes. These calls are designed to provide you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to overcome obstacles such as:

  • Money blocks keeping you stagnant 
  • Learn the art of closing without coming across as that salesperson
  • Closing potential clients easily
  • Attracting your soul pack
  • Dealing with objections that potential clients will say before they say it
  • Being a leader in your industry
  • Creating ways to bring in more money without asking more of you

Over the course of 12 months, you will also receive extra weekly support. You are going to be able to pick apart Cas’ brain when you need that extra support. To keep you hyper focused on your goals, you are able to ask the 3 burning questions you have per week. Every Wednesday you can reach out with your questions and Cas will get back to you as soon as possible. 

You will also have the chance to have Cas look over your sales pitch, your messaging and how you are marketing it to your soul pack. It will be revised so you are able to let your messaging do the heavy lifting when it comes to sales. Having that outsider looking in is a superpower. You will be able to fill in the cracks and get your sales pitch working smoothly for you. 

All of your products and services will be reviewed to see what is working for your soul pack and what is not working for your soul pack. Your products/services will have your new and exciting energy coursing through them. Allowing you to be able to sell them with ease which gives you more time to create more products/services keeping you in your zone of genius. The big bonus would be allowing you more time to serve more people. 

Get all access to any old/new masterclass and/or group program that is available during your 1:1 coaching package. Get the additional support throughout the year to keep you moving forward towards your goals and business strategy.

Understanding the challenges you may face when it comes to sales, helps you quickly advance in your business. Allowing you not to get stuck in the spot that most spiritual business entrepreneurs experience without having 1:1 help.

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Executive Achievement in Business & Sales

Executive Achievement in Business & Sales

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12 Month Payment Plan
$1169 CAD/month

- 18 Coaching Sessions $400 CAD each | $7200 CAD Value
- 3 hour Kick Off Call to identify your ideal client and what you should be offering to your ideal client. Hyper focus on what you want to offer. $3000 CAD Value
- Email Weekly Questions to Cas for extra support $1000 CAD Value
- Review Your Sales Pitch and Revise it to get potential clients into buying clients $1000 CAD Value
- Review Your Packages You Will Offer Your Clients and Make them Irresistible Value $5000 CAD
- Access to All MasterClasses and Group Programs Value $3000 CAD



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