Essential Level in Business and Sales

This 1:1 Coaching Package helps you focus on getting your business up and running properly. Laying down the foundation and knowing what the work that is needed for that. This 1:1 Coaching package normally lasts 3 months. 

Making sure that all the bases are covered so that your business can begin to run on its own without you constantly having to maintain it. 

Investing in this package will allow you to speed your business growth and get you where you want to be easier. Allowing you to focus on your zone of genius and your bright future, instead of why your products/services are not selling. 

Cas will set you up with success for each call. Giving you the guidance of how to prepare for each call so you can get the most out of your investment. You will go through the unique and powerful solution through Akashic Soul Record Readings.

Always starting with the 1.5 hour Kick Off Call. During this call you will experience diving deep into your goals, aspirations and challenges. By laying this out you will receive a personal spiritual business strategy plan that will be focused on throughout the rest of your 1:1 Coaching Package. You will get your hands on the roadmap for success that is fun and achievable for you. Another key aspect to your Spiritual Business that will be discussed is identifying your soul pack aka ideal clients. Gaining access to your soul pack will be able to show you what you should be offering through your business. This gives you the ability to have crystal clear messaging to your customers so they are able to know if they are a good fit for you. By unlocking the power of understanding your soul pack, you can take your business to new heights and achieve unparalleled success. Also we will look at your social media and/or your website to look and see what messaging needs to be fixed to attract your soul pack to you with ease. Learning how to let this messaging do the heavy work for you. 

This coaching package includes 3 Akashic Soul Record Readings, each lasting 55 minutes. These calls are designed to provide you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to overcome obstacles such as:

  • Closing potential clients easily
  • Attracting your soul pack
  • Dealing with objections that potential clients will say before they say it

Understanding the challenges you may face when it comes to business and sales, helps you quickly advance in your spiritual business. Allowing you not to get stuck in the spot and giving up that most spiritual business entrepreneurs experience without having 1:1 help.

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Essential Level in Business & Sales

Essential Level in Business & Sales

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3 Month Payment Plan
$333 CAD/month

- 3 Coaching Sessions $400 CAD each | $1200 CAD Value
- 1.5 hour Kick Off Call to identify your ideal client and what you should be offering to your ideal client $1500 CAD Value



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