6 Ways Record Keepers Bring You Into Alignment With Your Soul’s Purpose

6 Ways Record Keepers Bring You Into Alignment With Your Soul’s Purpose

By Animal Medicine Woman

For those of you who are new to the Akashic Records, let me give you an introduction to your Record Keepers. Your Record Keepers have been with you since your soul was created. They have recorded every thought, emotion, action, etc, and have stored it away in your Akashic Library. When you connect with these beings of light, you can remove any limiting belief system and replace it with a supporting belief system. How does this help you align with your soul’s purpose?

  1. Clarity on Your Soul’s Purpose: Communicating with your Record Keepers is an essential tool to receive clarity on your soul’s purpose. Your Record Keepers will give you the wisdom you need to understand how your purpose thrives and evolves with you. When you are unclear about your soul’s purpose, your Record Keepers will help remove any blocks so you can take one step closer to being aligned with your soul’s purpose. The blocks that you learn to overcome will help you in the future when you are in complete alignment with your soul’s purpose. Everything comes to a full circle when you work alongside your Record Keepers.
  2. Heal the Issues in Your Tissues: Whenever you decide to evolve your soul and raise your frequency it is important to have a support team behind you. So, if you stumble you can pick yourself up with ease and grace because you know others are there for you. Your Record Keepers are your biggest cheerleaders and will always be there to give you a supporting hand to pick you back up! When you are in communication with them you can learn how to avoid feeling like your world is crumbling around you by looking your wounds in the eye and healing them within your Akashic Records. By healing your issues in your tissues you can take up more space on this planet for you and your soul purpose to show up. This will show others they can also step up and thrive.
  3. Understanding Everything Begins with Your Thoughts: Your Record Keepers will help show you the ways you can receive your desired outcomes by starting to reveal what you want to the Universe. They will help you come up with the best intention/mantra for you to say daily. An example of a mantra could be, “Everyday I am becoming more aligned with my soul’s purpose! And so it is!” Start to focus on what you truly want to happen so the Universe can deliver your desired results. The Universe allows delivers what you are focusing on. By talking to your Record Keepers daily you will have a clear channel with the Universe.
  4. Learning to Take Appropriate Actions: Once you have control over your thoughts and understand how they impact your life, your Record Keepers can start to show you how to take appropriate action to receive your desired results. By aligning your thoughts and actions together, you will receive what it is you want. You will learn from your Record Keepers how to see daily opportunities that surround you and the best ways to approach them so they work out in your favour. By doing this work you will be able to remove any limiting belief systems such as fear of being seen, fear of failure, fear of success, etc. This will help your soul’s purpose take up more space to serve you, your highest good, and the Universe.
  5. Standing in Your Divine Feminine Energy to Receive: It is important to know how to stand in your Divine Feminine Energy as it will help you be able to receive with ease and grace. When you are not receiving what you are asking for, you need to look with your Record Keepers at the points above and see if you are following through correctly. Are your thoughts aligned to what it is you desire? Are your actions aligned to what it is your desire? If you answer yes to both, it is time to see how you can heal your relationship with your Divine Feminine Energy which you can do within your Akashic Records!
  6. Creating Healthy Habits of Success: When you work with your Record Keepers on the daily by implementing the following points above, they become imprinted into your DNA. You will receive what it is you desire with ease and be able to continue with this successful habit. The more you raise your frequency with your Record Keepers it will become easier and easier for you to do so. You will be able to see with crystal clarity and understand your soul’s purpose to better yourself and the Universe. Your Record Keepers are the key to your freedom that you seek.

    Each time you enter your Akashic Records you are able to align with your Soul’s Purpose on a deeper level than the day before! You are no longer limited to old conditioning and habits, you are able to take the steps forward that you and your soul crave. You can relax into your soul’s purpose by setting yourself free.

    For those of you that do not know how to communicate with your Record Keepers but would love to learn, check out the next time I am hosting Level 1 of The Soul Journeys® Akashic Records Certification Program.

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