Reptile Totems

If the Alligator appears, take this guidance:

🐊 The best way for you to learn is to learn what you already have in front of you. Digest that and then start to learn new knowledge and wisdom.

🐊 This is a great time for you to see what boundaries you have and which ones you would like to change/introduce to your life. The alligator is also here to remind you to be protective over your personal territory.

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If the Lizard appears, take this guidance:

🦎 If you have been dreaming up a storm recently, it is in your best interest to start a dream journal as it will uncover hidden themes. You may also want to meditate with the Lizard and ask for more information about your dreams and/or buy a book about dreams.
🦎 Right now, the Lizard wants you to be silent and stationary until it is time for you to make your move. When you make your move, make sure to be fast and productive.

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If the Snake appears, take this guidance:

🐍 You are about to embark on some major personal changes which will can be so intense and powerful that a part of your will symbolically die so you can give birth to your new self.

🐍 Also during that time, you may have a surprising physical and/or emotional healing soon, which will come from an unanticipated source. Be open and do not put any exceptions, so the energy can come through naturally.

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If the Turtle appears, take this guidance:

🐢 You have been moving so fast you are making yourself exhausted, it is time to take a breather and slow things down, so that everything moves at a natural pace.

🐢 It is important for you to learn the balance of being dependant on people and being independent. Take the time to see where you need to be more independent with your life.

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