Reptile/Amphibian/Other Cold Blooded Spirit Guides

Reptile Spirit Guides

Reptiles can help you with many different things and each are unique to their own medicine. But if you were looking for some help with the points below most of the reptiles will be able to help you with these things! If your reptile is known to go into the water from time to time it would be beneficial for you to scroll down the page and read into how cold blooded water creatures can help you!

  • Solitude: Reptiles are known to spend most of their time alone, even from birth. By working with your reptile spirit guide you will be able to learn the best ways for you to be alone and get the most out of it. Spending time alone with your reptiles you will also be able to learn more about self reliance, self dependence and self sufficiency.
  • Adaptation: Reptiles have to be very aware of when they need to get back into the sun to warm up. They do not have an internal body temperature regulation so they learn when to get back into the sun to warm up. They will be able to teach you how to adapt to every situation even if it is difficult. For example when the tones from others can affect you deeply. By learning how to adapt quicker you will be able to adapt quicker without it affecting your emotional body. 
  • Sensitivity: They can also teach you to get a tough skin. Due to the scales that cover them they will be able to teach you to not be as sensitive in the world as you may normally be. No need to judge yourself for this, just be aware of it and learn how to adapt to the outer world so you can stay focused and on task. They will teach you how to find the balance of having a tough outer skin as well as being able to let people in.
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Amphibian Spirit Guides

They are different from reptiles but I have put them in this category. When you are dealing with amphibians you must understand that they almost live a double life. Being in the world of water as well as land. They are able to show you many ways to be in two worlds at once and stay balanced. 

  • Adaptation: Since they are able to walk between the worlds of water and land, they have a lot to teach you how to be able to quickly adapt to your environment unphased. So if you feel like you are having to create balance between two worlds such as your business life and home life they will be able to help you step in and out of each with ease. 
  • Balance: They can help you learn to use your own emotional energies (water) constructively (land). Amphibians can help people on both sides of the seesaw. One extreme being too emotional and the other being too logical. If you find yourself on one side of the seesaw instead of being balanced, calling on an amphibian will help greatly. 
  • Cycles: They shed their skin and typically will eat it, which will help you be able through a transformation, resurrection and rebirth phase in your life. This energy is also linked with metamorphosis. When working with amphibian animal spirits you want to ask yourself if you are in a stage of metamorphosis, as they will go through these as well. You could be just starting off in your own metamorphosis, middle or end. 
  • Bonus: While working with amphibians it is important to stay close to water in any way. If that means going to a river, lake, stream frequently or having lots of baths to be near the element of water. 
  • Bonus: Best times for you to be working on new ideas would be fall and spring. 
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Cold Blooded Water Spirit Guides

Cold Blooded water animals have the water element within them. They can help you some of the same things a land cold blooded animal can do, but since they are in the water they definitely help you differently. 

  • Depth: Depending on exactly which cold blooded water creature you are dealing with they can help you dive deep and figure out what lessons the universe is trying to teach you right now. This can also lead into creating more depth into your passions and spiritual journeys. 
  • Emotions: Cold blooded water creatures can help you be able to understand your triggers to what makes you emotional over things. This helps you be able to feel like you are in control of your emotions over them running your life. 
  • Intuition: Cold blooded water creature spirit guides can help you deepen your relationship with your own intuition. They will be able to help strengthen your Clair’s which will only allow you to help communicate with the universe better and better. Allow them to show you the potential of your intuition and work towards achieving that with them by your side. 
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