Mammal Spirit Guides

Mammals can help you with many different things and each are unique to their own medicine. But if you were looking for some help with the points below most of the mammals will be able to help you with these things! If your mammal is known to go into the water from time to time it would be beneficial for you to scroll down the page and read into how water mammals can help you!

  • Grounded: Most mammals have 4 legs. In numerology four stands for grounding, foundation, patience and building. If one of these keywords jumped off the screen at you it would be great for you to find which animal spirit guide is with you right now to get to helping you achieve your goals. Whenever you feel like you feel ungrounded by working with a land mammal it will be easy for you to ground quickly.
  • Passionate: Mammals typically like to surface into your life when they want you to remember the beat of your own drum. To be able to look into your heart and see what makes your soul/heart sing. When you learn your passions it will also help you discover your purpose and allow you to continue the path to your highest self!
  • Bonus: The word animal comes from the Latin word “anima” which means soul or breathe of life. Typically most people will sense their mammal spirit guide, totem, or power mammal first before any other kind in the animal kingdom. There is a feeling of more familiarity with them and it could be because there was a time when animals were not even referred to as animals and instead just like humans. They were looked upon as an extension of our own families. 


Water Mammals

Water Mammals have the water element within them. They can help you some of the same things a land mammal can do, but since they are in the water they definitely help you differently. 

  • Depth: Depending on exactly which cold blooded water creature you are dealing with they can help you dive deep and figure out what lessons the universe is trying to teach you right now. This can also lead into creating more depth into your passions and spiritual journeys. 
  • Emotions: Cold blooded water creatures can help you be able to understand your triggers to what makes you emotional over things. This helps you be able to feel like you are in control of your emotions over them running your life. 
  • Intuition: Cold blooded water creature spirit guides can help you deepen your relationship with your own intuition. They will be able to help strengthen your Clair’s which will only allow you to help communicate with the universe better and better. Allow them to show you the potential of your intuition and work towards achieving that with them by your side. 

If you can not found the mammal spirit guide you are looking for, please try searching for it as it might be in a different category. If you can still not find it please contact us so we can help you out!