Insect Spirit Guides

Insects can help you with many different things and each are unique to their own medicine. But if you were looking for some help with the points below most of the insects will be able to help you with these things! In this section of spirit guides, you will find spiders and other creatures that are technically not insects but they fit in with the themes that insects carry with them.

  • Opportunists: Insects even if they are known as pests sometimes, in their own world they see an opportunity and take it. Even if it is moving into your home rent free. Insects will be able to teach you how to see opportunities coming through your life and be able to take action on the right one. 
  • Wisdom: The certain wisdom that insects can help you with is to be able to follow your own spiritual guidance of what works best for you. They naturally are able to live in highly structured and complex social environments. They also raise their own crops and have been seen to herd. Insects do a lot of things that us humans do but typically it is just better done. Some can also fly which helps gain more wisdom from your higher self. This can help you get unstuck in situations, just like bird totems can help you. 
  • Metamorphosis: Insects are really known for their metamorphosis abilities. This is a very important lesson they can teach you as they will be able to help walk you through the sometimes icky process of change. The more you work with insect spirit guides you will be able to look at change with more excitement than dread. Insect spirit guides help you shed your old self so your new self can form. 
  • Tough Skin: Insects have an external skeletons and even though you can not do that, insects can help teach you to have a tougher exterior which will help you live in the world with grace and ease especially if you are highly sensitive. They can help you learn how to set up proper boundaries to achieve this. 
  • Productive: Insects will also teach you how to accomplish great tasks. We as humans can accidentally put too much on our plate which will end up in a burnout whereas the insect will make sure they are doing little by little but making sure it is productive and helpful to the bigger picture. Humans are really good at being “busy” without actually being productive. 
  • Positivity: Insects are known to be able to go though huge natural disasters and still be there after. They can show you how to roll with the punches and still be able to keep moving forward. To never give up and find a way to make the best out of a shitty situation and know that it will always get better. Also from learning how to get their tough skin, it will help you be able to deflect negative energies quicker which will keep you on track of staying positive. 
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