Insect Totems

If the Ant appears, take this guidance:

🐜This is the sign you have been waiting for to start that project you have in mind and to finish it.

🐜Ants are known to be a very well run society, so they could be showing up to remind you not to isolate yourself, but instead look for support from your family and friends.

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If the Bee appears, take this guidance:

🐝 It is time for you to sit down with yourself and work out a plan to work on that project/goal/task you have been wanting to start and finish.

🐝 When you are faced with a task that you want to succeed past your wildest imagination, proceed with commitment, diligence and dedication.

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If the Beetle appears, take this guidance:

During the time the beetle is with you, you may need more protection than usual, so make sure to ask for the beetle for help and guidance on which ways will best protect you!

If you find yourself isolating yourself, it is time for you to change that and bring in more friends and family into your life. 

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If the Butterfly appears, take this guidance:

🦋It is a great day for you to lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously.

🦋Get ready for a big change, one where an old belief system is leaving and a new belief system that will serve you on a higher level is coming in!

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If the Centipede appears, take this guidance:

Centipede Medicine shows up to remind you that your uniqueness inside and out is what makes you a beautiful soul and once you truly own it, others will start to see it as well.

It would be in your best interest to have some alone time to figure out what you truly are wanting and needing in this moment. Only by looking inside of yourself will reveal the answers you are looking for.

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If the Grasshopper appears, take this guidance:

The grasshopper is also here to remind you that you have a lot of wisdom stored inside of your soul even if you do not believe or know it! The grasshopper could be showing up for you to look inside yourself for the answers. You may not know all the answers and that is okay, the answer may be to ask someone for guidance and help.

The grasshopper also shows up to remind people that all possible outcomes are and can be positive if you set the intention! They help remind us that setting intentions is such a powerful tool we can use in our day to day life and help change a lot!

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