Bird Spirit Guides

Birds can help you with many different things and each are unique to their own medicine. But if you were looking for some help with the points below most of the birds will be able to help you with these things!

  • Enlightenment: Since birds do fly between the lands and heavens, they are known to be messengers for your soul. They can help your soul travel through the spiritual and material worlds with ease. This is because they have hollow bones. Even birds that are flightless still have hollow bones within them, so do not worry if you are working with a flightless bird. They will be just as helpful! By doing this it also helps you unattach yourself from materialistic problems. 
  • Intuition: Birds help you learn to listen to your intuition which will help you be able to respond automatically to whatever situation presents itself in front of you. Once you begin to get good at this it will appear to be more instinct taking over than anything else. This will help you learn how to roll with the punches instead of being beaten down with them. By tapping into this kind of intuition it will also allow you to step into your higher’s self wisdom. 
  • Productive: Birds also just focus on one thing at a time and will be able to help you focus on the task at hand instead of thinking about everything all at once. Think about how much more productive you can be.  
  • Vision: Birds have amazing vision and they can teach you how to use your vision to be able to respond quickly to opportunities within seconds. This also will help you with any problem you are faced with. We typically look too closely at problems when we need to step back and look at the bigger picture. They will also be able to show you a different perspective and sometimes by looking at something differently it allows the best solution to come forth for you. 
  • Freedom: When you soar with a bird you need to let go of your worldly problems. This will help with your self-confidence as you find higher knowledge with your bird spirit guide by your side. Another way they offer freedom to you is to show you how to use your own voice to heal yourself.


If you can not found the bird spirit guide you are looking for, please try searching for it as it might be in a different category. If you can still not find it please contact us so we can help you out!