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If the Bat appears, take this guidance:

🦇 It is time to let go of old belief systems/illusions that no longer serve your higher good and welcome the shifts that will bring in the new belief systems that will serve your higher good.

🦇 The issue presently at hand is essential for you to grow and change, and it should not be a surprise the change will be more pointed to a spiritually lead life.

🦇 The time has come where you need to look your fears in the eye and address them, while making the intention by doing so, you will be bringing the best outcome you can ever imagine!

🦇 Start to look into group activities, so you can socialize more and bring more into your life.

Best times to ask for the Bat's assistance:

🦇 When you are transforming and need to leave a life you once lived, to enter into the new life that is developing

🦇 You have noticed you have created a habit of isolating yourself and you need to get in contact with others.

🦇 If you have nervous and scared energies around you and you have no idea what this means.

🦇 You need clarity with intense dreams/visions you have been experiencing lately.

🦇 If you have been getting divine downloads to explore the world of shamanic practices.