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If the Boar appears, take this guidance:

🐗 The boar shows up to push you to complete a project you have started and have not completed yet!

🐗 The Boar does have a theme of completing and facing challenging circumstances, so you can face them head on and find some peace and closure. These circumstances could be situations, people, fears, and/or limiting belief systems.

🐗 Energies are changing around you, that will be bringing in more wealth, prosperity and personal growth. Be open to receiving this.

🐗 If you are involved in a debate with many different opinions, it will be solved soon in a reasonable and satisfying way. You can ask for the Boar to be present when you are trying to resolve the issue at hand.

Best times to ask for the Boar’s assistance: 

🐗 When you have someone in your life being rude and cruel towards you and you want to confront them.

🐗 If you have been noticing your self confidence and self esteem has been low lately and would you like to raise it.

🐗 You have fears and doubts that you will not be able to come up with whatever is necessary to meet your needs.

🐗 Someone or a group of people have misjudged and mis-perceived you and you would like to correct it.