If the Boar appears, take this guidance:

The Boar shows up to push you to complete a project you have started and have not completed yet! It is time for you to put all of your time, energy, and money into completing this project. Then you will be able to move onto the next project that has been waiting for you to finish up with the first one. Of course, if this project no longer serves you, your highest good, and your soul's purpose give yourself permission to set it down and move onto the next project. Just make sure you are not always doing this and starting a new energy around you of incompletion. It is best for you to stay in the energy of completion.

The Boar does have a theme of completing and facing challenging circumstances. While the Boar is with you, use it's powerful strength beside you so you can face any challenge head on, which will help you find some peace and closure. These circumstances could be situations, people, fears, and/or limiting belief systems. Allow yourself to go through this and set the intention that you will come out better on the other side! Know that you can ask for the Boar to stay with you until these challenges no longer exist in your realm because you have completed them. 

Energies are changing around you. This will bring in more wealth, prosperity and personal growth. Be open to receiving this. It would serve you best to meditate with the Boar to clear any blockages towards receiving this growth. Also, clear your expectations of how this growth is supposed to look like and trust the Boar and the Universe that it will be brought to you in the most divine and aligned way possible! With that being said, it is still important to set your intentions of how you want this growth to be like, and just add at the end something like, "I accept my intentions or something better into my life now for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned." That way you get out of the way of yourself.

If you are involved in a debate with many different opinions, it will be solved soon in a reasonable and satisfying way. You can ask for the Boar to be present when you are trying to resolve the issue at hand. You may want to set the intention that it will be solved in a certain amount of time and with all parties coming to an agreement that serves everyone equally! And so it is!