The Crab shows up to support you while you go through an experience that will shake up your current life, which will be beneficial towards your soul’s path! Ask for the Crab to be with you during this time until it has been completed, as this will serve you the most. Of course, it will be in your best interest to set clear intentions around how you will go through this experience and how you will feel afterwards. If you have not started going through this experience, you should meditate with the Crab and ask what is coming your way so you can be even more prepared!

While the Crab is with you, ask the Crab to help you to increase your clairvoyance abilities. This will allow you to see things from the non visible realm more clearly! If you are a newbie with clairvoyance, you will want to spend as much time meditating with the Crab. If you are having difficulties with this, even when you have meditated with the Crab a lot, this may just be a weak clair inside of you and you will want to use your other clairs that are stronger inside of you to help you see clearer. Then, if that does not work, it would be best for you to reach out to a spiritual coach who will be able to clear the blockage around you seeing clearly. With your clairvoyance being heightened while the Crab is with you, it is important for you to keep a journal of any dreams, visions, divine downloads, etc. These will guide you to take action on what the Universe and your higher self wants.

During this time with the Crab, notice what you are tunnel visioning on, as this is a huge disservice to you! The Crab wants you to see what little things are surrounding outside of your tunnel vision that you can be of huge service to you as well! It is best for you to see the whole picture, instead of a bit. This way you will be able to use all the available resources that surround you on the daily. Also, you will see the abundance that is dancing around you but you just have not been able to see. When one tunnel visions, they tend to miss a lot of what is going around them. So, if this is you spend time with the Crab to widen your vision to the degree it will best serve you, your highest good, and soul’s purpose.

Give yourself some time to dress in something comfortable, shut the curtains, put on some of your favourite music, and just dance! Dance is very powerful as you are creating and moving energy around you. This could be the very thing to help you get past blockages, if you set the intention for it. Of course, you want to make sure you are focusing most of your intention on having fun and letting go!