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The Crab shows up for you to support you while you go through an experience that will shake up your current life, which will be beneficial towards your soul’s path!

While the Crab is with you this week, the Crab will help you to increase your clairvoyance which will allow you to see things from the nonvisible realm more clearly.

This week see what you are tunnel visioning on, as this is a huge disservice to you! The Crab wants you to see what little things are surrounding outside of your tunnel vision that you can be of huge service to you!

With your clairvoyance being heightened with the Crab with you, it is important for you to keep a journal of any dreams, visions, divine downloads, etc, which will guide you to take action on what the Universe and higher self wants.

Give yourself some time this week to dress in something comfortable, shut the curtains, put on some of your favourite music, and just dance!